This is the main tomography object that the library is built around. The goal is to only have one tomography object and edit the configuration settings as you go.
The constructor initializes the conf settings and error functions with the default values below:

self.conf = {'NQubits': 2,
'NDetectors': 1,
'Crosstalk': np.array([[1,0,0,0],[0,1,0,0],[0,0,1,0],[0,0,0,1]]),
'Bellstate': 0,
'DoDriftCorrection': 0,
'DoAccidentalCorrection' : 1,
'DoErrorEstimation': 0,
'Window': 0,
'Efficiency': 0,
'RhoStart': [],
'IntensityMap': [[1]],
'Beta': 0}
self.err_functions = ['concurrence','tangle','entropy','linear_entropy','negativity','purity']


In case you have any further questions about the Python code, you should direct them to Scott Turro or Joey Shallat.